Monday, 9 December 2013

Travel tip: Note it

This is such a fab idea... i wonder how my organizing freak self didn't think of it!

I discovered recently that my friend Somak, who i have known since forever almost, is also an organizing freak! We were chatting at home one evening and i was mentioning my, ahem, idiosyncrasies to him when he started sharing his. (Not going into too much details here, but suffice it to say we are both equally mad people!)

Which reminded me of this dabba of his i spotted on a recent visit to Lucknow.

Guess what's in the box?




Ten rupee notes in bunches of ten. I think there's more than a 1000 bucks in ten rupee notes there. And it is so handy. And cute... because its all been kept in the rather cute cookie tin that you can buy when you travel IndiGo. 

Yeah! So simple. So useful. Remember all the times you haven't had change and had to run around begging strangers to help you? Well no more of that!!

He was the only one who had change when we needed it and we cant carry him with us everywhere we go... so i have decided to make one for myself too. Soon.

Happy Traveling Dearies!

The Wandering Gypsy

PS: He also carries at least ten one rupee coins in his bag at all times.

PPS: Did i tell you that Somak lost his passport twice. In Bangkok. Once, just a month before he was to fly to Cannes? And that the Americans the Brits raided his home once? Ah well, we all have our quirks. :)
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