Monday 18 November 2013

Teacup candles

I have been doing a lot of traveling the last ten days but i am finally back with no travel plans ahead. :(

I have shared some pics of the trip to Bombay on Instagram already but the best is yet to be uploaded... the pics of my trip to Lucknow for a wedding that got as crazy as it could get! There is plenty to sort from and i hope to post them all this week.

I am still recovering from all the madness but i wanted to pop in and say hello. So

HELLO! How you been?


I also wanted to share this lovely idea i just spotted on MarthaStewart that shows how you can reuse an old tea cup... very fancy and you don't have to pay a fancy price for it. Click here, if you'd like to learn how.

You can easily transform old bowls or an utensil you don't use anymore into a lovely candle. If you have old heirloom brass glasses or bowls... transform them... you will love to see it everyday on your mantle.


Thanks for coming by... and visiting me... i am almost at 100000 page visits and i am super-excited that i have slowly trudged along and come to this number.


Have a lovely week y'all.

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