Monday 15 July 2013

iTokri and Sanjukta

iTokri has some pretty gorgeous things that i am loving right now. On top of the list is this lungi tunic that is gorgeous but, in my mind, steeply priced at Rs. 2799. What do you think?

5 gift ideas from iTokri... if you want to gift something to someone special or just yourself :)

  1. This ikat stole... black, white and red is always magical to me! And most women would love it.
  2. These lacquered wooden kitchen rolling pins and ladles (i have a rolling pin and love using it to roll my chapatis). Perfect gift for the people who love to cook. 
  3. This red and magenta wallet. And these kitsch make up pouches. For your stylish friend.
  4. This red applique work curtain is stunning. And these hand-crafted bottle gourd lamps.. For the house proud friends you know or those who could do with a little help in that direction.
  5. And this bamboo wind chime. For just about anyone. They'll think of you every time the wind blows and the chime rings merrily. (Believe me. A friend gifted me a big wind chime and i love it's tinkling and bless him for the sweet gift every time it tings.)

PS: Am totally loving iTokri right now... it has a lot of the kind of things i like to buy / gift!


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