Wednesday 15 May 2013

Weekly Challenge #10 and #11 - Spectacles and baking bread

This week i have 3 challenges to do...

Weekly Challenge #10 that i couldn't complete because a CD got stuck in my computer and i couldn't get it out.

Weekly Challenge # 11 that i missed because last week was crazy busy. I am practically blind in my left eye and i havent been wearing my glasses since forever because i damaged them a really long time ago and never did bother to get a new pair. So this week i will get my eyes tested so i can start seeing better.

Weekly Challenge # 12 that will bring me up to date to this week and make me feel that i can do this challenge thing. This week i want to bake bread. I have baked bread twice before - the first time was good, the second time i baked a block of stone... this time around i am going to use a recipe from Saee's blog and will hopefully get it right.


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