Tuesday 26 February 2013

Fruit pops and a weekly challenge

Come hell or high water, i am definitely making this. And this week too. And try to take pretty pictures so i can tell you all about it. :)

Well, summer is already here and its getting hotter by the day. What better way to keep things cool then, don't your think?

As for the challenge... I write about a lot of stuff here that i know i want to try my hands at but keep procrastinating and never do it and i know i am getting better at it with each passing day. Procrastinating, i mean. So now, I will not anymore. Procrastinate, you know.

So this week on, every week, of the many posts i post, i will promise to make one thing and post about it as well with a photo proof, pretty picture or not.

So that's about 47 weeks of trying something new, either cooked, baked, frozen, crafted, or something else entirely.

Sounds like fun? Or not? Would you like to join me on this madness?

{If you want to know how to make these pretty fruit pops, find it here on Gina's Skinny Recipes.} 

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