Thursday, 1 March 2012

Popsicle treats

You don't have popsicle moulds? You can still make icy treats. But you will need disposable plastic / paper cups and popsicle sticks (that i need to go buy).

Make the popsicle mixture of your choice, pour into cups, pop in the stick and freeze. At least that's how i think it could be made. You could use juice, fruits, fruit + juice, lemonade + mint, cola, cola + jaljira.

{Find more popsicle inspiration on Pinterest. No i am not being lazy, there are so many inspiring pictures here that i thought i'd share it all with you. You will after all, need lots of cool stuff this summer to make it through.}

{Soothe your eyes with this wallpaper}

PS: The heat is killing me and i don't step out until about 5 in the evening. How are you handling it?

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