Monday 27 February 2012

Fashion at The Oscars

There are very few times when i wake up early of my own accord. Today was one of those crazy times when i woke up at 5 AM to watch the Oscars... to watch the pre-Oscar red carpet actually! But unfortunately no one was screening that until 6 AM.

So the Red Carpet. It was disappointing to have to wait and then catch a glimpse of only few of the stars on the red carpet. For those of you who dint catch it, here are some of the highlights...

The Clothes 
Angelina Jolie rocked it in a black gown with a long long slit. I also loved what Cameroz Diaz wore - a pale pink gown with shimmer and ruffles hip downwards. Gwyneth Paltrow was her usual stylish self but a bit too pale for my taste. Michelle Williams looked like a pixie in a coral gown with quite a lot of details. I like. As for Sandra Bulllock - she could have shown a bit more derring-do... the black and white gown was pretty but a tad too conservative maybe. Penelope Cruz, again wore a pretty grey gown like she normally does but bold color suits her more.

Did i mention Meryl Streep? This was her 17th nomination and 3rd Oscar win and she looked elegant and strong and very much the lady in her long sleeved molten gold gown. What a personality she is, probably one of the few people in that room who was not over-botoxed-or-filled! Now that's how i would like to grow old - gracefully :D

As for the boys... Brad Pitt looked like a golden retriever who just came back from the dog parlor, all long shiny hair and all. George Clooney looked smokin hot, crow's feet and all. And Jean Dujardin, he looked terribly cute and lost even though he won the Best Actor Trophy.

Not to forget Uggie who looked way more cuter than a certain Mr. Pitt. (I don't hate the man. I honestly don't.)

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