Saturday, 15 October 2011

Simple cooking - Cheese tomato toast

I love cheese sandwiches. Perfect fare for breakfast. (You can eat anything you like in the morning even if you are on a diet. Really.) I used to make them like a really long time ago because the other A is not particularly fond of bread unless it has cheese (lots and lots of cheese) and i almost stopped buying bread.
I'd grate cheese on bread, add 2 tomato slices, top with another slice of bread and toast on a griddle on low with loads of butter. Oh, i'd also some salt, cut green chili  nubs and cut into triangles and serve. 

I came across a baked version which is quite the same but with different spices. Am thinking of this for tomorrow...

PS: If you don't have an oven, you could try making it in a toaster sideways. What a brilliant idea, right?

{If you'd like to try making the baked cheese sandwich, you can find the recipe here}

{pic 1 from the blog where i found the recipe}

{pic 2 from pinterest}

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