Saturday, 15 October 2011

Hyderabad to Worse

I have to vent. The city is driving me insane.

1. It's getting darker  with frequent power outages. You have the kind that's scheduled and then the kind that hits you out of the blue, the unscheduled one where you are half-way through the process of making a milk shake and you are left high n dry. They are sometimes short, or long, or really long, or pull-your-hair-out-it's-an-all-day-long-with-no-power-day.
2. The roads. The less said the better. After all, there are hardly any that would classify as roads. You might say there are roads in the potholes.
3. Local transport is not a pain in the ass.  After all, it's practically non-existent. No buses or autos or trains. You can't really go anywhere unless you have your own vehicle. (Even when the autos are there, they make insane demands, like 60 bucks for 2 kilometers.)
4. The people driving on the streets know that they own the road and can get away with anything. Of course, no one knows what lane discipline means. Half a millimeter and someone will try to squeeze in and race ahead. People riding triples on bikes and zipping by is a common sight these days. If you have to take a left turn, then go to the extreme right of the road and then cut across.
5. The traffic is insane, even at 2 in the afternoon, as bad as morning rush hour or even worse. (Courtesy reasons 3 & 4)
6. Mosquitoes have become a bigger menace than ever. Literally. Bigger, fatter and resistant to most repellants and more powerful. That is, if the power's there and you can use a mosquito repellant. (Citronella cream helps, though.)
7. Today's headlines say about 136 trains have been cancelled. Imagine if someone is sick and you have to go visit. And of course, the buses aren't there too. Yes, looks like we are all stuck.

When someone asked me 5 years back, if i would consider moving to another city, i wouldn't have to think. Now too, i don't have to.

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