Friday 28 October 2011

How was your Diwali?

48 hours of Diwali:
Mine was simply fabulous (the only sad bit was seeing Happy petrified by the noise of the firecrackers). 
  1. I made sweets (the coconut ladoo and the malai ladoo from the Diwali mithais post earlier). I also made butter murukku (that i wanted to share with you all, but just dint have the time too).
  2. Partied every night for 4 nights in a row with friends and with family (which meant i had a lot of sleep to catch up on which i kind of managed to do yesterday)
  3. Played teen patti with the cousins and aunts and uncles and parents (and lost).
  4. Dressed up (in a long flowing skirt in magenta that made me feel like a princess. This time i nixed the sari and am not sorry that i did). 
  5. Then dressed up the home with candles, lamps, diyas and flowers (most of the ideas i posted on the blog already like the pompom garlands and the food grains in a glass but some i didn't which i will for future reference.)
  6. Visited family and friends.
  7. Shopped (for the home, for the boys, for me).
  8. Did a puja at Sunny Side Up and one more at home (with my MIL chanting shlokas in the background that made it even more beautiful).
  9. Posed for pictures. 
We mixed the traditional with the modern to make for a delightful, simple and sweet Diwali. Hope yours was joyous too... 


  1. my diwali was good too... and now i am feeling bad for not lighting a single diya

  2. Aww... i know how that feels especially since you do so much every diwali... how about a diwali party at your place next week sometime... with diyas and flowers and teen patti?


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