Friday, 28 October 2011

Marigolds and diyas

Nothing spells festive and cheery to me more than marigold flowers. I love that they are so bright and vibrant.

Of course, i got my terracotta urli and dunked a few in them along with a few floating candles. I also, made a row of terracotta diyas, poured some water and placed a flower in each of them. Then i placed another row of diyas and lit a tealight in each one.

(I know these are not like super-creative or brilliantly new ideas but i thought i should share them with you all since i am going to bore you with all the little details of our Diwali in this and subsequent posts.)

PS: Tealights are brilliant. Seriously. No pre-washing / soaking the diyas. No dripping oil or wax anywhere. And the diyas can be used again. And again. And they last pretty long.

PPS: Thanks Yamini for the mairgold and the gerberas (and for helping me make the laddoo rondelles). Mwaah!

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