Tuesday 29 March 2011

A Paisley Story

Ambica means many different things. But my meaning for it has something to do with the paisley motif that I have been in love with since time immemorial or maybe since when I was in fashion school. I remember I even researched its origins and wrote a paper on it for a textile design project.

The genesis of Paisley: The paisley motif is called ambi in Hindi. The ambi motif comes from the shape of the mango. Iranian and Indians both claim the motif to have originated in their country. Pashmina shawls were decorated with this motif and slowly, they were being manufactured in a town in Scotland, called Paisley. So the name Paisley stuck. For another version, more or less close to this one, read this.

So yes, I am nuts about the paisley motif. And yes, I would like to believe that my name comes from the Hindi word for Paisley. It looks pretty, whether fat and round or long and thin, simple or intricte. I love that it is a multi-tasker and can look elegant and stately or rustic and ethnic.  Saris, skirts, stoles, paintings, sheets, furnishings, jewelry - I see it everywhere. Except as a good tattoo design.

Starting this Tuesday, I am going to share my love of all things paisley here. In the hope that blah Tuesdays look prettier.

I am loving the black print on white

And also the white embroidery on black.

Do you have a favorite motif? And what do you feel about your name and it's meaning. Do share, I would love to know...

The real meaning of Ambica / Ambika: Mother, Parvati, and also the Goddess of Destruction. And ahem, a certain website says it refers to the Bombay Hemp!! Ouch.

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