Saturday 29 October 2011

Flote: Get reminders when you need to.

I don't have an iPhone that is usable right now but if i did i would download this app right away.

Imagine you come back home and realize you forgot to pick up cereals from the grocery store that your partner reminded you to pick up on the way. And then you passed by a book store and you forgot to stop and pick up that one book that you have been meaning to read. Or you have travelled 15 kms to a friend's house and you forgot to take the stuff you promised her you'd pick on the way.

Flote is a virtual post-it that will remind you of the things you need to do when you are near the place where you need to do the thing. Super, right? Like your very own personal assistant (but not a nagging partner). So go ahead and download on to your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch and get reminded.

{Here's where you can download Flote from}

PS: It's free to download right now.

PPS: It's been developed by a friend of mine - Sikanth and his friend Maha. 

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