Thursday 15 September 2011

North Vs. South aka Shahana opened a Pandora's box.

I love my India. But rather than feel terrible about the North-South mud-slinging blog fight that is doing the round on the Internet i am totally loving it.

Broken Mornings - Shahana has written an extremely funny but true post on the North (read Delhi) way of life. Go on read it, it will totally make your day.

BasioMeusPuga has jumped into the fray muscles rippling, but it's kind of lacking the punch Broken Mornings has managed. Worth a read nevertheless.

Round 1 goes to Shahana. Here's hoping for more fireworks...

Why are you still here? Go read those posts.

Stamp pic from Amsterdamned

Update: Found another post on the topic where MadMomma dishes it out.
Another update: Woo hoo! This one's getting crazier. Read this.
And another one where Chickwit has this to say.

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