Thursday, 16 November 2006


While I am waiting for Anand and Rohit to come back home and chatting with my online friends... I am still posting stuff... Yeah! I have lost it :)

Layers over another
Like an onionYou peel the skinTo find another below

So many facesSo many liesOne over anotherLie upon lie

Never the sameAlways a-changingColor upon colorDie over die

So to match myselfWith everyone elseI cover myselfLayer over layer

Till I find myselfSmothered, beyond recognitionTill I can't make outWhat is me and what is rot

I want to peel offBut the layers, they cling onBits n piecesThat make me, me

I take off the layersThe bits n pieces tooAnd nothing remainsNot even me

But something remains
something like me...


  1. Nice poem. Read your other posts. Guess I had no clue who you were in school.

  2. Read once more ... and once gain .. just mind blowing !!


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