Thursday 22 September 2011

Making eggless chocolate cake

The other day i had a chocolate craving that wouldn't go away. I had a recipe for eggless cake that didn't work too well the last time i made it plus i couldn't even find it. When i asked Google to find me a recipe, it found me several. I have found most internet recipes to be unreliable.

 (I made chocolate chip cookies  one time from a popular blogger's post who i dont want to name and they turned out super-duper extra sweet when i followed the recipe to the tee. There were also errors in the recipe - no binding agent and ingredients mentioned in the directions that were not in the ingredients needed and some ingredients missing. Pretty pictures do not make for tasty food. )

When i finally found one on the Tarla Dalal site i was super-excited. One, i have found her recipes to work well and have never had a disaster so far. Two, the recipe didn't need condensed milk or butter. Yay!

I followed the recipe to the tee, almost. I replaced the all-purpose flour with wheat-ragi flour, a 1/4 cup more milk, a bit more cocoa, and 1/2 a teaspoon of coffee (a trick Aru told me, so the cake turns out darker and the chocolate taste more intense.)

This is a pic of the last piece! That's how delicious the cake turned out to be.

If you'd like to bake this go here and if you'd like to send me a piece, email here. Happy baking :D

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