Thursday, 22 September 2011

That's why I like to watch movies at PVR Cinemas

For the longest time i have been using bookmyshow to book my movie tickets. Until recently, i dint realize that you couldn't book PVR tickets on there. Then i rediscovered PVR recently when we went to watch a movie for which we hadn't booked online, i realized why PVR rocks and it's a fabulous theatre to watch a movie in.

1. the seats are super-comfy.
2. the leg room is way more than any other theatre's.
3. PVR is not as crazy crowded as Prasad's is. (in Prasad's you dont even have to walk, you just get pushed and jostled. it's that bad.)

PS: Mausam bookings are now open and guess who booked 7 tickets already?

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