Thursday, 2 June 2011

Limited Edition Bags

Just fell in love with these bags. 
How can i not? Indian kitsch and super-styling. 

love the combination of prints and stripes.


between the two which one would you choose? pink and black checks. or black and white?

hot pink and embroidery too. super-sexy.

love quilting. love the shape and the color too...

and this... all i can say is i do love to save the best for the last. 


(i know a lot of people are scared of buying colored bags. 
my tip: don't over-match stuff. 
add more color to your wardrobe
and be a style diva. 
and a bag is the best accessory to add pizzazz to any outfit)


i love cloth bags. and more the colors, the better it is. 
and you? you like leather? or fabric bags? 

all pics from Limited Edition
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