Tuesday 17 May 2011

So you ordered something online?

You click and select, enter your personal details, your card details and then you wait for it to get delivered. That's convenience. And when the courier comes to deliver, don't they have to deliver it to you and you alone or someone in your house? Or the building watchman, after they call and confirm with you. After all, the site you have purchased from has your contact details.

I have been lucky so far with all my online purchases (of course, refunds from makemytrip are appallingly annoying.) Flipkart, has delivered all my book orders on time, in good condition and called me to check when i am not at home. So i will continue to buy online, despite makemytrip.

On the other hand, Fashion and You just lost a big customer because of their sloppy policy. My friend ordered some perfumes that according to the website was delivered to her. According to the courier company, they have not yet reached them. And it's 3 weeks. So my friend runs from pillar to post and calls the courier company, the Fashion and You people and various other people to get help. Doesn't the responsibility to receive something you ordered lie with the people you ordered with?

I guess, i wont be ordering anything from fashion and you now or anytime in the near future...

Update: Yay!! i finally got my refund from makemytrip after more than 60 days, thanks to the efforts of one manoj singh who was the only person with common sense in the entire customer service team. i hope makemytrip values people like him.


  1. i cancelled my pending orders from F & U and funnily got my makemytrip refund in 2 weeks! go flipkart!

  2. lucky you to get a refund so quick from makemytrip!

  3. flipkart is the only online experience that i have loved. all others are just meh.

  4. nags,
    i haven't purchased much online thanks to the fear of getting eff-ed. flipkart has delighted me 4 times now - even when the book cost 48 rs!! and i love that word meh so much... :) it's so going to be all over my blog!


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