Monday 16 May 2011

The Genius of Elliot Erwitt

Swati shared this link with me of pictures taken by Elliott Erwitt. I am not going to waste words trying to say how i feel... click the links and experience his pictures yourself.

I like the hairdo and mood in this one. 
Men at the beach. Hot!
Arnie is it? And Marilyn. And Marilyn again.
Nude couple at the beach. Another nude couple getting hitched :)
Makes me want to visit France and Hungary too. And Paris for it is for lovers.
One Dog. Lazy dogTwo dogs. Dog in the air. Another dog. Men with tails.
Man, dog and donkey.
A picture of many firsts.

You can read about EE here and here and here and here
And listen to him talk here and here
And read his quotes here.

If i manage to take even 10 pictures that are half as stunning, i will be die a happy person. 

PS: Thanks Swati for sharing. Mwaah. XOXO

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