Monday, 14 March 2011

A bag, some spices and a lot of love

The Material Girl gets a lot of gifts. Especially when her friends travel. The other day when I wanted to buy cardamom, Aru asked me not to. She had loads from a Kerala trip. (And when she says loads, she means it.)

So when I visited her the other day, I got 5 ziploc bags  of Spices – clove, cardamom – green and black, allspice (which I have never used), black pepper and an orange colored flower whose name I have forgotten again.

Thanks Aru for the thoughtful gift-for-no-reason. 

Ty also for the lunch and the cute blue bag you got me. It's perfect for my gizmos and make-up and all the other small things that clutter up my big bag always.

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