Friday 25 February 2011

Saying Hello to you and Tata Sky

3 Things are making the Material Girl happy and proud. 
Blogging again on the Material World after a not-so-short hiatus.
Unpacking my bags from the Kolkata and Jiaganj trip after nearly 2 weeks. 
Shifting my study table where I have already used it more in one day than I have used it in 3 years. I also managed a partially overhaul, a complete one could maybe take weeks. (Do you also accumulate junk in the form of bills, odds and ends, paper, stationery and pens like i do?) 

I got:  A Tata Sky connection.  For Rs 999 and no installation fee, the price seems fair. Additionally, I ended up paying Rs 200 for the extra cable. There was no mention of this on my 3 calls yesterday but I was much too happy to bother. And since the staff was otherwise courteous and assembled it properly, I have really no complaints.

Do I sound like a Tata fan? Can't help it though. I am quite happy with the Photon plus that I got previously and the great service experience I had while gettting the Tata Sky connection.

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