Thursday 12 November 2009

What next?

I have been doing a lot of thinking that last few days and i am not getting anywhere. It all started a little while back when i started blogging again. The i-never-have –time to do anything syndrome had to go.
Yes, work is stressful. Yes, i am working all the time. Yes, i do my work with a lot of passion and i am one of the best there is at my workplace. But, i was still not satisfied. There is something about my life that felt incomplete. Like something is missing.
I have been a little restless ever since the day i started blogging again. Because i was doing something i was enjoying, i wanted more enjoyment out of my life.
I know i wanted to have fun. Fun with work, with life, creatively satisfy myself and spend time with family with friends and also travel. To have a fabulous life. And no one is going to do that for me. No one is going to put it all in a platter for me and say, hey here’s a little of this movie-time that you want so much, here’s this time that you can spend painting, here’s the Sunday that you can spend with your family and here’s the little bit of alone time.
I wanted to change my job, because it was really draining me, because no matter how much more effort i put in i was not getting ‘growth’ or at least a change in role. Yes, i was getting awards, being appreciated, but at the end of the day i was also getting bored because i have been doing the same one thing since the last 2 years.
So the first thing i did was to apply for a job at a place i thought i really fitted into. But for the second time i have been rejected. I don’t know why. I am trying to come to terms with it but i am finding it very difficult and i have been listless ever since. I think i am good at my work, have patience, am committed and sincere and extremely hard-working. Then what did the interviewers think of me? Maybe what i am and how i am and how i project myself are two different things.
I am at a cross roads and the big question for me right now is - What should I do ahead in my life? So instead of going ahead arbitrarily and doing things ad hoc without thinking it through, i want to think, mull over, and then move ahead.
I have been trying hard to figure out and i need your help in doing this. I would like my friends, people who know me even a little bit to tell me what they think of me. I really need your inputs right now and request you to spend a few minutes to help me. Be brutal. Because that will be the only way i can grow.
Once you are done reading this, please give me 15 minutes and write down in the comments –
What do you like about me? What do you not like about me? Assets - What do you think i am good at? What am i bad at? Which kind of work am i best suited for?


  1. Hi!
    I think creativity and organizing are ur real strengths. Short temper, frustration, dominance, and ability to do a routine work are ur weakness. U love challenging jobs where you get an appreciation for your work sometimes even rejection helps u to strive for better. A monotonous job is not for you.
    Jobs I feel most suited for you are Event management, interior designing, writing, even media related jobs ESP. on travel and lifestyle.
    This is for the professional front, but personally u still won’t get the contentment you are searching for and I feel a child with a world of responsibility would provide you that, coz you have started to get bored of your free less responsible life.

  2. Hi Ambi,

    My perception - may or may not be true . . . :-)

    You can do a million things at once and do them well . . you have a lot of energy which is a very rare thing to see.

    I'm not sure how much you've changed since we last worked together, but I would have loved to see you be more sure of yourself and of what you can do. Be motivated by the right reasons and look inside for competition (It's tougher than what you find outside)

    I'm sure you'll do well in anything you put your mind to . . Good luck with the introspection - you'll find the answer soon, without trying too hard :-)


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