Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Got circles on my feet

They say in our family that if you have circles in your feet you tend to travel a lot. I have been hearing this since donkey's years. And though i manage to do about 4-5 trips a year, i never think its enough so much so that I am always envious of people who get to travel as a part of their job / work. This year has been bountiful in terms of travel opportunities and time to go visiting. Since i am not working i have manged to blow up all of my money in my sojourns. No regrets though at the end of the day.

Seeing new places, meeting new cultures, finding new places to shop, and eating good old Indian Vegetarian food at least once a day - that's all i look for in my travels.

2007 Roundup

1. Bangalore - 3 trips
2. Bikaner - 3 times
3. Delhi - Once
4. Jaipur - Twice
5. Jodhpur - Twice
6. Jaisalmer - Once
7. Kerala - Once
8. Kolkata - Once
9. Ranchi - Once

15 trips in a year that is not yet over, is something. It's the only time that i have been away from a home every single time this year. Packing my bags and unpacking them has been a little painful but at the end well-worth it.

(Check my pictures at Picasa. I have not uploaded too many yet but will do this really really soon. And if anyone needs help if they are going to any of these places, I will only be too glad to advise.)
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