Friday 7 June 2013

Weekly Challenge #13 - Night Photography - Done!

The bridge

Challenge #13 - Done!

I was to go on Friday night, but Raam ditched me. On Wednesday night, i tugged a friend along to Tank Bund at around 9:30 PM so that i could take pictures.

The lovebirds had all left for their homes, the vendors were not there, the night was cool and pleasant. The city at night is at its magical best... i love the lights and its reflections in the water. A few drops of rain too fell during the night but not enough to send me scurrying for cover. This was such a beautiful experience... i'd love to do it again.

Sepia toned 
The blue lights of The Park

Pillars holding up the city

The Buddha

You can see more pictures on Tumblr.

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