Tuesday 5 March 2013

Fruit ice pops

Flavor 1. Watermelon chunks + Tango Mango

Flavor 2. Watermelon chunks + Orange pieces + Tango Mango

Flavor 3. Watermelon chunks + Orange juice (of the store brought variety) + Mint leaves

Flavor 4. Orange juice + Orange chunks + Mint leaves

Flavor 5. Jaljira with water + Mint leaves + Watermelon juice

Flavor 6. Lime juice + Mint leaves + Watermelon juice

I made them in paper cups and used wooden ice cream spoons for they were what i had. You will have  to wait for the popsicles to freeze a bit, about an hour, before the ice cream spoons can be fixed so they stay in place.

Try any of these or make your own combination. You can try ice pops of the non-fruit variety by freezing khus or rose sherbet. Remember that your syrup should be a little more sugary / flavorful than you'd like it be. 

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