Tuesday 1 November 2011

Transferring a photo to a canvas.

Have a photograph that you think would look lovely as a painting? You could try this DIY that i found on A Beautiful Mess (once we figure out what gel medium is and what it's called in India, that is.)

It looks easy to do and looks a little less than perfect, just like something i would make would turn out to be (please don't judge me here, to badly).

All you need is a canvas, a laser print of a pic, gel medium, spray bottle, water and a little patience. And also to figure out what this damn gel medium is and where we can get some.

You can even transfer images to fabric with gel medium. So many possibilities. But what the heck is gel medium.

{Go get step by step from Elsie Larson's A beautiful mess blog. She has some really awesome DIYs. }

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