Saturday 29 October 2011

Real Steel

It's no secret i am a hugh fan of the Jackman. I made plans to watch his latest release Real Steel since the time it hit the theaters but somehow it just wasn't working out. Until yesterday that is.

The plot - Hugh is an ex-boxer and a robot fight promoter who has a 11-year old son with an ex-GF that he abandoned. The ex dies and HJ gets custody of the boy. The rest of the movie follows the life of the father and son duo who steal a robot from some kind of a warehouse and forge a bond (and also rescue each other in the process). 

Here's why you should watch Real Steel.
1. Hugh is eye-candy but the boy, his son in the movie is even more adorable. The father-son moments are sweet, and at times funny. What strikes is you that they were both cast from the same mould -extremely stubborn and crazy risk-takers.
2. The robot fights are super. You actually feel (sad, angry, happy, scared) when the bots fight. Really. I am not a blood and gore fan (even though i like mysteries and suspenses) but i totally enjoyed the fights.

My 2 cents: No dull moments and definitely better than Transformers that went on endlessly.  Go watch this man, machine and boy tale. It has something for everyone. Real Steel will entertain (even though it is quite predictable at times).

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PS: The end is the only part of the movie that disappointed with it being a tad abrupt.

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