Tuesday 1 November 2011

And why i felt like a princess this Diwali

I did tell you about my no-sari Diwali. I think i did. With so much happening, i may have or not. So here goes....

The outfit break up:

Magenta bandhni skirt with big bold gold border from Westside. (Rs 1099 or 1199, am not sure). Very flared, a style i never usually wear but i gave it a shot this time. (And am so so so happy i did. It felt so awesome. I felt so awesome. Like a princess.)

Strappy top from my Vintage clothes collection. (Meaning it's new, it's mine, but i never wore it for like 5 years nor did i think of giving it way.) So its a plain gold raw silk top that i got stitched. (You should get a top done in gold raw silk. It works with so many colors and looks pretty grand.)

Kalamkari stole from Shilparamam. I think i got it for Rs 100 or Rs 200. Not sure, because again, i picked it up quite some time back.

Magenta and blue thread bangles from Delhi  that were a gift from Bagsi and some stone studded ones from Char Minar. (Char Minar is a bangle-haven. Seriously, you should go there if you haven't yet.)

Golden and cream beaded necklace. Again from Shilparamam. For less than Rs 200. A wardrobe must-have. Will go with so many outfits - saris, suits, even dresses.

Golden jhumkas, old, so don't know where i got it or for how much.

So yes, this year for Diwali, i junked the sari and the gold jewelry i would traditionally wear and opted for  something that i mixed and matched. In fact, the only thing 'new' was the skirt. What do you think? Works or not? (Honestly, i don't really care because i wore it and loved it, but still i'd like to hear what you have to say. So do leave your thoughts behind.. And please share a pic of your Diwali.)

PS: That's my darling Happy and i. Photo shot by the other A. Picture perfect, don't you think?


  1. nice pics.. (ok I can only appreciate photography:).. btw, honestly your dress is cool too :P

  2. Thanks... this was taken by the other A. And thanks for noticing / saying my dress is nice! *smile*

  3. Nice combination Ambi....i will try it too sometime...


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