Wednesday 25 May 2011

Bangalore, i am finally loving you

weather like no other. 
sounds corny, but it's true. i forgot that it is mid-may and summer. cool.

restaurant city
we went to 7 places in 3 days. tough to choose from the long list nabila had. 
day 1 
westin windsor pub -  the pasta is mind-blowing. 
before party at khatri and avni's place. pretty all around. 
love shack is on a terrace. looks good. feels heavenly.
after party at ajay's pent house. very filmy. right down to a visit by the cops.
day 2
spiga  - again pasta that was not so great. the desserts was fabulous. the interiors superb.
skkye can easily become one of my favorite places. for the breeze alone. 
day 3
toscano's - mmmmm. i am still drooling. pasta, wine and dessert. the best i have had so far. not the wine, though. and the day was perfect for eating out. balmy, breezy and pretty. and if a certain birdy is to be believed, the chef is moving to hyderabad. 
tea time at chopi's place. sweet. with snacks. and a parcel of litchis. :D
drinks at cirrus - passable
dinner at south indies - nice. nice.

window shopping for a change
jimmy choo, sunri, orange bicycle, chitra kala parishad, louis vuitton
all awesome.


so that was my fabulous eat-meet-greet-and-drink-a-thon a bangalore.
thank god for fabulous friends.

i just happen to find the right ones. luckily.

if you want to see the rest of the pics, go to picasa.


  1. sounds like a fab time babe....

  2. totally. and i dint even write about the wardrobe raid, the dress changes, the walks and the talks, the drive, it was perfect :D


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