Saturday 11 January 2014

Instalove4: Geri Centonze

Instagram handle: gericentonze

Followers: 1225
Posts: 262
Photographer: Geri Centonze

Meet her: http://artofmob.blogspot.in/

Why I follow: Geri is an iPhoneographer who uses only her iPhone to take pictures and then creates paintings out of them with editing apps. Very interesting, don't you think?

Initially her pictures weren't too much like paintings (interesting nevertheless) but recently her work has just leap-frogged... every picture she posts is a beautiful painting. Follow the Painterly Mobile Artist Geri Centonze on IG or check out her blog; her work is very interesting and very very beautiful. She also shares tips, tricks and sometimes the entire formula of how she created her art (which i don't know how many people would be generous enough to do). She also features the work of other mobile artists on her blog; another reason to go visit if you love mobile art.

{All pics are from GeriCentonze's instadiary}

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