Thursday 9 January 2014

In the Closet: Meet Divsi Gupta

This year is all about new beginnings for me... When i started Instagramming sometime last year, it inspired me to start a new series here called Instalove (which i hope you are enjoying). Presenting to you the first of a new series called In the Closet... talking to people about the things they are crazy about.

Kickstarting the series with Divsi Gupta, a girl i first met on Instagram in October and then met her for real on my most recent visit to Bombay in December.

She is the bubbliest and sweetest person i have had the opportunity to meet... we chat often and i have never ever seen her in a foul mood. Divsi is a happy-go-lucky person, who is always gung-ho to start an Instachallenge!

Divsi works with her father and takes care of the marketing of his business. She is also a writer and photographer and has recently started her career as a wedding photographer.

Meet the fashionista without a single mean bone in her body and a lot of shoes in her closet!

MG: How many pairs of shoes do you own?
DG: To be honest i haven't even counted the pairs... me n my sis are the same size so we kinda exchange :) but should be approx 80 pairs :D between the 2 of us. (*gasp*)
I never throw old shoes... i just can't!!!!!! I keep them with utmost care... so saalon saal chale :P

MG: Favorite pair, from where and how much did you pay?
DG: Fav pair... That's a tough question... i must say there is a tie :p One brown polka dots pumps bought from Starios at Lokhandwala for Rs.700. The other is a pair of white wedges i bought from Venus Steps, Delhi for Rs. 1400

MG: Favorite shoe store?
DG: Favorite shoe shop... nothing in particular! I am not brand conscious... i love street shopping and bargaining :)) But i do love Starios in Lokhandwala... for their variety :D 
MG: You gotta take me there next time i visit Bombay!

MG: A bad-shoe purchase
DG: Ginger (Lifestyle ka in-house brand) All the shoes are of pathetic qlty :( the leather peels off... u get shoe bites... yuck! 
MG: Need to ask Madhu Gopalan about her experience! 

MG: How do you match shoes with outfits?
DG: To be honest, 90 percent of the time i buy shoes first and then the outfit! (*OMG*)
MG: No, no... i mean how do you decide which shoes to wear in the morning when you are getting dressed?
DG: I don't go matchy-matchy. Mostly contrast. With a monochrome outfit, I'd wear Neon. 

MG: Thank you girl. 
DG: :)

This is a pic of part of her collection of footwear. No this does not feature all of them. :)

PS: So who else is envious of this stunning collection?

PPS: Hope you are enjoying the new features in my blog... I am working on a revamp and your feedback would be very helpful.

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