Wednesday 18 December 2013

Decor tip: Decorating a corner table

In one corner of my home this is what you can find. And it didn't cost me a bomb.

So here's the breakdown if you'd like to know:

  • I got one wall of the living room painted when i moved in. It is the quickest and cheapest decorating advice in my book. Paint the walls... Of course the yellow i chose is not my favorite shade from the color wheel and i think i was dazed when i picked up the shade... but somehow it doesn't feel all that ghastly anymore.
  • The coffee table is at least a decade old and imported from Dubai. Ikea Lack it is!! Costed about Rs. 500 or less. 
  • The green A was lying at Sunny Side and was useless there. So i asked the boys if i could take it home. Score!! 
  • The blue bottle was a bottle of vodka from Uzbekistan. Now it is home to a money plant. The grey vase is from Ikea too and was a gift from one of my clients whose house i did the interiors for. 
  • The papier mache hen may have costed about Rs 300. It used to hold remotes... but now i don't have any so it's currently empty. I need to find a better use for it. 
  • The teeny tiny auto... a friend got that from Sri Lanka. 
  • The blocks... i picked up from Jodhpur and i think they costed about Rs 1000 or 1500 in all. 

Free Decor Advice (after all, it is about inexpensive ways to decorate your home!)

You don't need to buy expensive things to do up your home... whatever your style type is. Keep your eyes open and look for interesting objects and not necessarily in the decor section of a lifestyle store. You can find interesting artefacts on the street, outside a temple, on the beach, pretty much anywhere.

The key is to group objects together... of different heights, materials and colors. Most decorative objects look sad when they stand alone... but when you add at least one other element, things start to look more interesting.

Think photo frames, mirrors, books, shells, blocks, toys, beads, plants... you can decorate your home on a shoestring budget. 

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