Tuesday 29 October 2013

Manifest Destiny.in

Love at first sight... it does happen :)

Manifest Destiny, a dreamy collection of jewelry that is organic and stylish, made my heart go bumpity-bump. Check it out if you are looking for jewelry that is 'hatke' and not the usual run-of-the-mill stuff. Manifest Destiny will definitely make you swoon too... i promise.

Manreet Deol, the designer of these pieces and the artist who designs these pieces describes her collection as a "melange of Art, Fashion and Everything beautiful". One look at the designs and you will believe her.

Score brownie points! I'd think they would make a lovely gift... especially with Diwali just around the corner.

You can buy online here and connect on Facebook here.

Read on more... if you'd like to know more about Manreet, the talented lady who designs these exquisite pieces. 

An interview with Manreet Deol.

MG: Tell me something about yourself... in 20 words or less.
MD: About yourself' was hard to write... I need to develop some copy for this 
MG: I first met Manreet, exactly a year ago in Pondicherry. I managed to spend some time with her and found her to be a lot of fun, easy-going and easy to talk to. She studied at NIFT and then moved to New York where she studied at the Parson's School of Design. She lived and worked in New York for many years. 
She has made Pondicherry her home now and lives and works from a beautiful home near Auroville that is as lovely as the pieces she designs... I think she still carries a little bit of NY in her because her home kinda reflects that too... Along with her own beautiful organic style of design. I visited her home only once last year and i didn't click any pictures but i remember her house so clearly... the big unfinished canvas painting that was pasted with tape on the wall, the lovely white hammock in the balcony, the iron candelabra with jasmine flowers strewn, the colorful mexican flags, the wall with her drawings, the eclectic collection of books, the colorful red gingham checked mattresses and the ikea hanging lamps that were not hung, but used on the floors with some organic wire shapes she had made. (Oops... i do go on and on!!)

MG: Things you like
MD: I have a fondness for (in no particular order) booking plane tickets (love the people I meet when I travel! ) Scandinavian Electro-Pop music + Steaming Idlis with gunpowder + Wandering in the forest of Auroville + Mid-century Art.

MG: What else do you design?
I mostly design tableware  and other decorative objects - I just got done designing a 7'  tall candelabra and in the middle of a metal tableware collection for major porcelain company and a flatware line...

MG: How and where is your jewelry made?
All our pieces begin as clay sculptures that are then individually cast in Aluminum and Brass using the sand casting technique in Delhi. The soft raw organic nature of this process is perfect for our pieces. Another great thing about this casting method is that each pieces is made from its own unique sand mold that must be broken to release the piece. So in a way each jewelry piece is one of a kind.

MG: Your favorite designer / artist?

MD: I'm constantly inspired by the monumental and raw works of Richard Serra and Louise Bourgeois. I also love all the varied tribal traditions of the world such as the Gond paintings and the fantastic Kutchi jewelry... truly amazing pieces of art.

MG: Your collection... in your words...
MD: We create timeless pieces that are thoughtfully handcrafted and possess a soul that transcends style and cultural boundaries. 


Thanks Manreet, for sharing your story with me. Am honored and delighted to have you here. 


Hope you enjoyed this post. I am hoping to interview and feature more artists and their work here... send me an email or message me on FB if you'd like to be featured in my blog. 

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