Wednesday 19 June 2013

Working out and loving it

I joined Yoga classes recently and i am totally enjoying my workout.

And this despite the fact that i  hate to wake up early...  And since the last 15 days i have been waking up earl. I wake up at 6:15 AM, and it is nothing short of painful. But once i get past the 6:45 AM mark, i kind-of recover and then i am not so crabby.

I have been wanting to start some form of workout since i am getting older and would like to be healthier and fitter. And I also want to tone down. I have tried going to the gym but it's not for me - I hate it. I thought of circuit training but i can't find a fitness centre near me. I hated power yoga too... Basically, i don't like workout that is fast... i can't do it and my mind doesn't process the instructions when it's fast... And yoga seemed perfect to me.

And it is. The workout is perfect. And fun. Add to that the fact that the instructor is pretty awesome. And i get to meet Happy who is living with Raam, one lane away from my fitness center. So my mornings are awesome. I am totally loving it.

After the 6:45 AM mark that is!

{Yoga print from the Karmym Kunstshop}

My teacher, Nirmala conducts Yoga workout sessions at Gunrock Enclave in the morning, and at Alwal and Sainikpuri in the evenings - Monday to Friday. The fee is Rs 1200 for a month. You can reach her on 9912351827 if you'd like to learn Yoga.

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