Wednesday 19 June 2013

Yummy: Goosebumps

I wasn't a big fan of pickles. That changed a little over the last two years... I am still not a big fan but i do like pickle with my food once in a while. Nothing like hot rice, dollops of ghee, some spicy pickle and papads to make a super yummy meal :)

I came across Goosebumps a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share with you this delicious looking site where you can buy homemade pickles online. You can also make your own and give it a name too... Yay!

I think this would be a really sweet gift to send to friends who live alone and survive on pickles. Or to your favorite aunt who lives far away but you think of her often. Or to your pregnant bhabhi whose crazy hormones make her crave that something 'khatta'.

Pretty brilliant idea methinks. And considering that my cousin and i gave this homemade pickle and savory online business some thought about a year ago, and even made excel menus, i am also incredibly sad that we didn't take it one step ahead.


CC, you think we should get our super-talented mothers and their super-talented daughters-in-law to at least think about a food business?


  1. i love how your site is full of cool finds like these. very cute site.

    1. Thanks Nags :D Cool finds always make my day!


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