Friday, 31 May 2013

Weekly challenge #13 & 14 - DIY and night photography

Weekly Challenge #13

I have hardly ever used my camera in the night. I remember using I took some pictures at Tank Bund a really long time ago and that too without using a tripod. Then i took some pictures at a temple when i had a tripod with a broken leg and just couldn't get it to stay steady!! And some random shots here and there and somewhere but again, without a tripod.

This week i am going to try and take some night shots and carry my hardly-used-really-awesome tripod along.

Weekly Challenge #14

A little DIY is to be happening this week. Most likely i will use my blocks that haven't been used much. But if i am not in the mood for that, then i will paint / draw/ make something.

And hopefully, i will be able to manage completing it before Sunday. 


{The concrete jungle outside my kitchen balcony}
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