Friday 8 March 2013

Weekly Challenge - 2, Casa Rouge Styling

I have racked my brains and surfed a lot for this one. But this week has been crazy busy and i couldn't figure out what this week's challenge should be. But I can't really not give up at Week 2, could i?

So i revisited the terms of my post and realized it could be anything that i was procrastinating about. Then i remembered that i did this styling project many a few months ago that i have wanted to share, but haven't. I have been procrastinating that since a really long time now and it would be perfect for NOW.

So here are the pictures that you may have already seen on hoardings. If you live in Hyderabad, that is.

Client: Casa Rouge
Details: 4 BHK Model Apartment / Show House
Location: Kondapur, Hyderabad

If you want specific details about where you can get particular items or a specific color, leave a comment and i will try to remember where i got it from.

The Guest Room 

The Living Room

The Children's Room 

The Dining Room - close up

The Dining Room 

The Kitchen

So that's it! Finally. There are a few pictures missing (the other 2 bedrooms, the lobby, the second seating area) that i need to ask the photographer to send and i will do that. Soon. I swear i am not procrastinating...

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