Tuesday 27 November 2012

Overcoming fears

I never had a pet growing up. I used to be scared of all animals in general and dogs in particular. Till my cousins got a pet dog. All those fears that had no basis just disappeared. Just like that.

And then we found Happy, a dog who we adopted.

Now I play with dogs when i see them - whether they live with people or on the streets. Without fear. I even play with and pet other animals too.

It has been one of the most liberating experiences for me, to get rid of one of my fears. I am still fearful of reptiles but hopefully that will go away some day too.

My other deepest darkest fear was of the dark. I hated the dark and if i had to stay alone at home, i'd switch on all the lights, close the doors of all the rooms in the house and sit / sleep / eat in the living room. And the lights would be all on. It took me a long while to get rid of that but i am pretty much rid of that too now.

What do you fear?

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