Tuesday 10 July 2012

Shopping and more

I was in Bangalore most of last week. Doing what i love doing the most. Which i am sure you know by now what that is. Yes, shopping.

For 4 whole days, i was shopping. From morning to night. Without a break. Searching for glassware, rugs, and other home accessories.

For a client of mine. Yay! I have got more styling work.

This is something that i haven't shared with you yet. My apologies.

So yes, i am styling again. (And no, I haven't shared most of the pictures of my previous styling project here.) This is 7000 square feet of a furniture store and i am terribly excited about it. This is a BIG project and possibly too much too do for one person but i am hoping i will pull this off. Wish me luck. 

How have you been?

PS: That's my hotel room after only two days of shopping. Imagine what happened at the end of 4 days!

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