Monday, 9 April 2012

Poppy pants from Promod and the weekend that whooshed by

How was your weekend? I thought mine would be blah but it actually turned out pretty good!

On Saturday
* I went for a swim, so got my monthly quota of exercise.
* I got my hair cut and it's really good. Picture and details coming soon.
*Rohit 4 Eyes Chopra, the other A and i went to the newly opened Ten Sports for a late-night drink. It's one of the few places in the city that's open till way past midnight, but it was full when we went and had a hard time finding place to sit. Try the crackling noodles when you go, it's very good.

On Sunday
*The 3 of us went for breakfast to the coffee shop at Belson's Taj Mahal Hotel. The button idli-vada was our first order, like always. But it was unusually and excessively salty. Looks like they are losing their touch.
*I vegetated most of the day coz i was feeling unwell.
* We went shoe shopping for the other A late in the evening. Unfortunately, owing to the curfew and unrest in the city, shops started downing their shutter. After a stop at Puma, where he dint like anything we went to Shoppers' Stop at GVK One. Same story here too.
* The pants: We headed to Promod and the other A got these pants for me. They fit like a dream, feel like a dream and cost enough to make you wish the dream never ended. They look rather pink in the picture but they are more coral, in real. Aren't they pretty? (I spent more on these pants than i have on anything else ever. There is cheaper variant for about 2K but that's not so great.)
*Our last stop was the Hard Rock for drinks n dinner. They have some new items on the menu so do try. Yamu and i split the Hummus platter that was yummy but the Strawberry Cheesecake was a big disappointment.

That was my weekend. Packed and bursting at the seams. How was yours?

And what do you think of my new pants? Would you wear a loud color like this ever?

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