Thursday 12 April 2012

The almost-a-disaster dinner

Last night dinner was only half-ready when the power went off. The wheat rolls had to be baked. The 2nd batch of chocolate cupcakes were sitting in the oven in their semi-cooked state. The garlic bread had to be baked.  The pasta was boiled, the sauce and veggies ready, the cheese grated and kept aside but they had to be mixed. The only thing that was totally ready was the Stir-fried veggies... And to top it all, i couldn't find a matchbox to light the 30-odd candles lying around.

In that sorry state of affairs, my guests arrived. Thankfully there was some music playing on my almost-dead laptop and the guests were my cousin and his wife who wouldn't judge me too badly even if i dint feed them anything. But of course, it would be a big family joke to be talked about at every gathering, party, celebration, lunch, movie, phone call for the next 15 years!

About 45 minutes of conversation in the dark, the power finally arrived. And in my frazzled / hassled state i quickly put everything together.

But as they say, all's well that ends well... i managed to pull it off... everything turned out good enough to make you want to over-eat... my tried and tested recipes as well as the ones i tried for the first time!

And i learnt a very important lesson in the process. I am going to make sure the food is pre-baked in the afternoon or not include it in the menu. I am still ok with trying new recipes, though!

Do you stick to tried and tested recipes when you invite people home for dinner? And have you had power troubles when guests were to come over?

PS: Chocolate cup cakes can make the world seem alright again. Especially when the recipe is just perfect. And they are garnished with colored sugar.

PPS: The picture is shite. Sorry about that. Crazy evening and all. 


  1. always humbled when someone tries recipes from my blog... you've just doubled that! love it!

    1. your recipes never fail... loved what i made!:D


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