Monday, 12 March 2012

Review of: Kahaani

A rare occurrence!
On Friday night we went to watch Kahaani and we actually reached the theatre on time; before time actually! Before even the previous show on that screen had even finished.

Vidya Bachi (Vidya Balan) travels from London to Kolkata in search of her husband who had earlier travelled to Kolkata and had disappeared 2 weeks earlier. Add to that the fact that Vidya is visibly pregnant.

Vidya is a consummate actress, we already know. From her debut, Parineeta to The Dirty Picture, she has always wowed with her acting prowess. She skillfully manages to get into the skin of the character and once again, she doesn't disappoint. The rest of the cast is fabulous too and kudos to the casting director who did such a fantastic job of finding the right actors. (There is one sinister hitman in the movie in particular who i can't seem to shake off from my head. He looks like the man next door but his appearance on screen, every single time, made me shiver.)

My take.
Kahaani is a thriller from the word go. The script is tight and you are waiting for the next scene with bated breath wondering what's going to happen next. Kolkata, a glorious city, is portrayed in all its whimsical loveliness. Definitely, a must watch.

PS: A few of my friends felt that the climax was a little shoddy compared to the rest of the film, almost like someone else had directed it. It wasn't apparent to me, but a second viewing of it seems imminent so maybe then i will be able to comment on that.

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