Tuesday 31 January 2012

A surprise concert - Prem Joshua

I first came across Prem Joshua's music when i purchased a CD from the flea market on my Goa trip with Yamini (yes, the same guest blogger who writes even shorter posts than i do). The collection was called Shiva Moon and it was love at first sound.

So yesterday, when J, my dearest friend, called to ask me if i wanted to go to the Vivanta by Taj opening, i politely declined. When he told me Prem Joshua and ensemble were going to be performing, the no became an yes immediately. How could i miss this since i totally love fusion music.

The glitterati donned in their sparkly shiny  clothes and flashy jewels (read: seriously over-dressed) were busy hob-nobbing, air kissing and generally making sure they were being seen and heard. The concert was exquisite, even though there was no seating and you had to stand to listen, and really there were only a handful of us who were really there for the performance. (I think at one point i even said, that this is like a wedding orchestra, who are there just to provide the background score. Sad really that we treat artists with such disdain.)

I had gone in knowing i'd feel seriously out of place but strangely i dint feel all that uncomfortable. Maybe it was the effect of the scotch or maybe it was the music, but i surely did have a grand time.

If you'd like to listen to Prem Joshua, here's something to get you started - Monsoon Journey and Flight of the Swan.

Please accept my sincere apology Prem Joshua and ensemble. There are some of us who don't yet know how to behave in concerts. This time of course, the setting contributed largely to our behaving like we did. 

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