Tuesday 8 November 2011

The Metallica concert or the crazy 18 hours in Bangalore.

We eventually did go to the Metallica concert. You won't hear me raving about it but i did enjoy it in parts. To be honest, i enjoyed it even more than i thought i would / could.

We reached Bangalore at about 10:30 and started the day on a high note. Literally. We ate lunch at High Note, another restaurant in Indira Nagar that has so so so many. The menu was pretty cosmopolitan with bengali and italian and chinese all crammed in. The food was good, the service great and the desserts fab.

We gathered at Gauri's place for more beers and some rest and at about 5:30 we left for the concert. We reached there at about 7:30 after a long drive in the Bangalore traffic and rains. Slush, serpentine queues, hyper fans and some stoned ones were all part of the scene. While the old men of Metallica performed doggedly and un-tiredly, my feet begged for mercy. (Sad old lady, i have become!) The concert ended and thanks to G's foresight we had a taxi waiting, saving us a long trek. The long tough day was wrapped up with a meal at Empire's where half the crowd decided to eat and we literally, had to grab a table while people were half-way through their meal (Excuse me, are you done eating, can we sit here even before you get the bill or your table is cleaned?).

We reached Thyme, our service apartment at about two in the morning, four hours later we were headed back home.


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