Thursday 10 November 2011

Book me a coffee table please

This room with the pops of color, the coffee table made of books, the mirror and the pretty floor lamp is inspiring me right now.

I don't really need a coffee table right now, but this idea of stacking them and covering with a piece of glass is so fabulous, i don't know how i am going to keep myself from not doing it. And this despite the fact that i can't think of a solution to keep it dust-free.

{via An Indian Summer}


  1. The book coffee table looks like a plan to me.. let me run through my wife.. we might really do this.. just that we don't have wooden flooring ..

  2. you don't need a wooden flooring at all! seriously :D you could also use a rug below the books if you like to add more interest. a bright color maybe or natural jute ones. i'd go with a bright color personally!


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