Tuesday 1 November 2011

Amar Petrol and how they con you

Petrol prices have hit the roof. But no, this post is not about that. It's about how i almost got cheated last Saturday.

*This is not a rant post. Just an account of what happened at Amar Petrol Station near Paradise*

I ask the attendant to fill Rs 1000 worth of fuel. He stops at 1000. Not Rs. 1000. But at 10.00 liters. So smart eh? Thankfully i realized, and screamed. (You could see guilt written on the attendant's face.) He did fill in the rest. There were three attendants loitering around at the same time so i know all three were involved.

But i wanted to do my bit so I went and complained to the manager. The manager started hitting him without giving him a chance to explain (so you know he knows what his staff is like). I felt bad about the beating but it was not severe or anything and at the end what could i do? (I am even thinking the manager / owner knew about their shindigs. I mean, you are sitting there day in and day out and you  don't know what your staff is up to. Really?)

It's happened to me once before at another pump (but they got away because i wasn't smart enough to look at the meter when another attendant distracted me with the bill / chargeslip.) Has something like this happened to you? What would you do / what have you done?

PS: I have also written a note to the vigilance department of IOCL... and am hoping someone somewhere reads it and takes action.


  1. This is new version. They pump guys do it often in Hyderabad. Distract you by saying are you paying by cash/card and then start with the non-zero meter. There classic way is you ask them to fill for some 500 rs, they will fill just for 50 and say done..and then you say- no you asked for 500..blah blah..eventually in the next round- he will fill only for 450 but start at the 50! .. they do this often . I saw one guy who found out like the way he did & he just Hit the pump guy himself.. All the management & this folks are together..

  2. Sadly so true. I am super-careful these days when filling fuel... it's much to expensive in any case!


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