Saturday 22 October 2011

Diwali sweets - 9 recipes from across the web.

Here's a whole lot of sweets dearies. So you can choose what you want to make based on the ingredients  / time you have plus of course, the flavors that you like!

row one
Besan Laddu | Atte ka Malpua | Rose Barfi

all 3 from my favorite chef Tarla Dalal. So far not one recipe has bombed so go ahead and try. No need to cross your fingers for this one.

row two
Malai Laddu | Coconut Laddu | White Chocolate Panna
the first two are really simple recipes from Milkmaid and the last from Arundati of Escapades to add some videshi flavour to a deshi festival. Again, sure-fire winners

row three
Alo Jilo | Kaju Barfi | Pumpkin & Banana Fudge
New blog finds. But i am guessing these should work just fine.

Have a fun time cooking up a storm this weekend. Diwali would not be complete without homemade sweet treats.


  1. awww! thanks for adding the pannacotta to this ensemble!

  2. :D i only wish i had white chocolate to make it! honestly, wanted to try something non-traditional this time!

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