Monday 11 July 2011

Drifter's Inn and the trip that did not materialize

Drifter's Inn
N, A and P planned a trip to Rishikesh and Jim Corbett. P dropped out. Then A was not sure. Soon Raam, Yamini, Nabila and the other A and me were part of this trip. Of course the plan had to be modified because 2 friends told me of the monsoons that made white water rafting and safari-ing impossible in July. So we did some research to find a new place close to Delhi. After I think about 37 phone calls, 65  google chat conversations, 25 google calls, and 100s of links exchanged between N and me, we finally settled on Manali and Spiti Valley. We booked train, flight and bus tickets and this really awesome place at Manali called Drifter's Inn. Today we would have been at Manali and would be leaving tomorrow for Rohtang pass and Spiti Valley. So I was really disappointed when the trip finally got cancelled. Until today, that is.

It's really sad about those people stuck there without food or water.

PS: Isn't Drifter's Inn a really awesome looking place? It was just right for us, not expensive and the kind of place we would have liked. (They refunded the entire amount immediately once I informed them that the trip is cancelled.)

PPS: I am keeping my fingers crossed. To go there sometime this year or next. And to see snow and touch it.

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