Saturday 28 May 2011

They draw and cook

Gasp! This is the most fabulous recipe book  / site i have seen.
Whether you like to cook or not, you will like  love go bonkers.

Illustrated recipes from They Draw and Cook.

(please click on each image to enlarge and see. they look gorgeous only then)

Reminds me of the book i saw at Aru's place with pretty illustrations

Western Style. Kickass.

Mad Men, almost. One of my fav from the site. 
Not because it's a cocktail recipe. Really.



And even though i dont eat eggs...

Team Sunny Side Up, this one's for you. 


Aren't these gorgeous? 
There are plenty more. In different styles of illustration too.
Prettiness apart, the site is super user-friendly.
If you are looking for art, then search by illustration type.
If you are looking for recipes then search by ingredient.
Super. Super.


Oh, if you saw this, then be a sweety and leave me a note.
Would like to know if you went bonkers too.


  1. Quiet like the illustrations...So damn cute...

  2. i flipped for them bagsi. go to that site... there are some really gorgeous ones and the recipes are good too!


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